Recording sessions are charged on a per hour basis (£25) or daily (8 hours for £150) basis,

so however many are in your band/entourage, the price stays the same.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & mastering can take place as part of your booked session. If so we’ll need to

put aside some time for it, as it’s key to balancing and polishing your finished product.

However, many clients prefer to book extra time for this, as it’s easier to focus once the

recording sessions are finished.

Recent clients include

Lupen Crook, Early Cartographers, The Blame, Kid Conventional, Flint Kids, Louville,

The Verals, Ceramic State, InFictions, Paul Fletcher, Ian Britt, Sour Cherry, The Barristers,

The Slow Blade, The Castellers, Double No No, Echoes of Dystopia, All Down But 9,

Double Yellas and many more. Hear some examples in the playlist below.


If your band is getting ready to record at Bigdog, it’s a good idea to get plenty

of rehearsal in before your session. This helps to make the most of your available time

and achieve a higher quality product. Bear in mind, spending longer on fewer songs can

result in a better sound !

We can even attend your rehearsals prior to your recording session in order to get a solid

idea of what you want and what’s possible. This can be especially useful if

you’re preparing to record a full album.

One thing that sets us apart form other studios is that we’re here to offer production ideas,

listen to your music and suggest other ideas to try. We won’t just hit record and leave you

to it, unless you want us to!

If you’re unsure about any aspect of your session, just get in touch on our contact page, or give us a call on 07851 0181983.


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